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Midwife of Souls

MOTHER Acrylic on Board Sold Prints Available

Surrender to Love

Surrender to Love 40x40cms Acrylic on Canvas Prints Available

Mother Of The Universe

Mother of The Universe Acrylic on canvas 40x40cms Sold Prints Available


Isis womb series acrylic on canvas 40x50cms €240

Eternal Love

Eternal Love Womb Series 40x50cms Acrylic on canvas €240

Sheelagh na Gig

Sheelagh na Gig Womb Series 40x40cms Acrylic on Canvas €230

Womb Awakening

Womb Awakening womb series 5 40x40cms (prints available) Acrylic on canvas SOLD


Ecstatic Dance of Life 50x60cms Acrylic on canvas On Hold Prints available


BOANN Divine Flow 80x80cms Textured Acrylic on canvas €450 Prints Available

She carries our Souls Journey

Soul Journey 70x100cms Acrylic on Deep canvas €600

Divine Mother

Divine Mother Acrylic on canvas 60x90cm €600


HELD 30x25cms textured acrylic on canvas Sold

Feronia Goddess of The Wild Fire

Feronia Acrylic on canvas 25x25cms Reserved

Wild Woman

Wild Woman Acrylic on canvas 60x90cms Prints available Sold


Light of a New Dawn acrylic on canvas 80x80cms prints available Reserved

True Nature

True Nature Acrylic on textured canvas 30x40cms Sold

Walking Between Worlds

Walking Between Worlds Acrylic on Canvas 30x30cms Prints Available SOLD

Golden Girls

Golden Girls acrylic on canvas 60x80cms Commission

Streaming Codes of Light

Streaming Codes of Light 50x70cms Acrylic on canvas Reserved

Wisdom Flowing Flowering

Wisdom Flowing Flowering 30 x 40 cms Acrylic on deep canvas prints available Commission for Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland

Om Tara

OM Tara 20 x 30cms approx Acrylic on canvas board Sold

Saint Sheelagh

Sheelagh 25 x 30cms Acrylic on canvas Sold

Pacific Goddess

Pacific Goddess 20 x20 cms Acrylic on deep canvas Framed SOLD


Pele 40 x 40cms Acrylic on canvas Reserved

Mother of the Elements

Mother of the Elements 60 x80cms Acrylic on textured canvas Reserved


Inspiritus 25 x 30cms Acrylic on canvas Sold

The Language of Love

Language of Love 25 x 30cms Acrylic on textured canvas and gold leaf Sold


Medusa 25 x 35cms Acrylic on canvas Framed 45 x 60cms Reserved

Niamh of the Golden Hair

Niamh of the Golden Hair 25 x30cms Acrylic on canvas Reserved

The Heart of the Mother

Heart of the Mother 25 x 30cms Acrylic on canvas Reserved

Mother Earth

Mother Earth 25 x 30cms Acrylic on canvas Sold

Black Madonna

Black Madonna 10 x 12ins acrylic on canvas Sold


Sovereignty 50 x 70cms Acrylic on paper sold

Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess Acrylic on canvas 18x24cms SOLD

Awakening the Heart

Awakening ~Heart Acrylic on canvas 25x30cms Reserved

Divine Protection

Divine Protection Acrylic on canvas 18x24cms SOLD

Divine Flowering

Divine Flowereing Acrylic on canvas 30x40cms Reserved Prints Available

Photo_1536848718681 (1)

Soul Blossoming acrylic on canvas 50cms x 70cms Reserved


Pilgrim Sisters acrylic on canvas 50cms x 60cms reserved


BRIDGETS HEARTH Acrylic on canvas 60cms x 80cms Prints Available SOLD

Pearls of Wisdom

PEARLS OF WISDOM acrylic on canvas 40cms x 40cms SOLD

Flower Moon Queen

FLOWER MOON QUEEN Acrylic on canvas 40cms x50cms Sold


Sophia 60x90cms Acrylic on canvas Reserved


An Bean Feasa Gaelic Wise Wombyn Acrylic on canvas 90x70cms SOLD

Out of the Blue

Out of The Blue Acrylic on canvas 60x80cms Sold Prints Available


Sheelagh Acrylic on canvas 60x75cms SOLD

May Queen

May Queen Acrylic on watercolour paper 50x70cms SOLD

Reclaiming Lilith

Reclaiming Lilith Acrylic on canvas 60x80cms Sold

Flowing Free

Flowing Free Acrylic on canvas 60x80cms SOLD


Threshold Acrylic on canvas50x70cms €225

Let Go Let Love

Let Go Let Love Acrylic on canvas 50x70cms SOLD

Loves Embrace

Loves Embrace EIRU Acrylic on Canvas 65x90cms Prints Available RESERVED

Divine Princess

Divine Princess Acrylic on canvas 65x90cms €300

Infinite Love

Infinite Love Acrylic on canvas board 60x85cms Reserved

The Wholy One

The Wholy One Acrylic on canvas 60x80cms €275

Flowering Womb

Flowering Womb Acrylic on canvas 60x80cms SOLD


Danu Acrylic on watercolour paper Reserved

Awaken to Innocence

Awaken to Innocence Acrylic on canvas 65x90cms Reserved

Divine Mother

Divine Mother Acrylic on canvas 60x75 SOLD

Moon Queen
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